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mini garden tiller FMWG48F

Garden tiller breaks layers of soil into smaller pieces, which improves aerobic conditions and helps stop weed growth. Tilling a garden entails lifting the soil, tearing clods of dirt, and converting it over so that crops can sprout in an oxygenated, nutrient-rich bed. These maintain plants’ health conditions in a less laborious manner.
At FUMAI, we can help with your certain garden tiller requirements. These tillers have gasoline, electric, or battery-powered engines. They ensure fast movements and enable farmers to till in various depths. Whether you have an agricultural business or garden machine operators, our custom tillers are your best choice.

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Engine model: 1E48F Fuel tank volume: 1200ml
Engine type: single cylinder two stroke air cooled G.W/N.W: 13Kg/11Kg
Capacity: 63CC Fuel mixing ratio: 25:1
Carburetor: diaphragm type Start mode: recoil hand pull start
Ignition method: CDI Ditch width: 500mm
Maximum power: 2.5kW/7500RPM Ditching depth: 100mm-400mm
Maximum torque: 3.0N.m/6500rpm Packing size: 38cm*39cm*53cm
Idle speed: 3000±200rpm  



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