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FM930MS Snow Thrower

At FUMAI, we have a complete range of snow blowers which include battery-powered, electric, and gas snow blowers. Our snow blowers are easy to maneuver, powerful, easy to start, and efficient. They are used for removing snow and helping you easily clear the driveways, sidewalks, ice rinks, roadways, runways, and other pathways. In addition, they can remove snow in less time and without the operator needing to exert too much effort.
The snow blowers are available in 2 types of traction such as wheel and track drive. A variety of sizes, models, colors, clearing widths, designs are also available. And to suit all customers’ demand, custom snow blowers are offered. We can customize the blowers based on your specific requirements.
If you have questions about our snow blowers and services, do not hesitate to contact us!

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  • Engine: 252CC
  • Transmission Type: Friction Disc
  • Speed: 6 Forward, 2 Reverse
  • Clearing Width: 30inch /764mm
  • Intake heigh: 540mm
  • Throwing distance: ≤15m
  • Type of wheels: two tyres 16×4.8-8
  • Headlight: LED
  • Deflector control: Hand grip on panel
  • Deflector material: Metal
  • Chute control: Bar before panel
  • Chute material: Metal
  • Shoe skid material: Plastic+metal
  • 40HQ: 84PCS
  • Starter: Electric Start

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