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Anhui Fumai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in July 2020, is a garden machinery equipment brand enterprise integrating research and development, design and production, manufacturing and sales. With a registered capital of RMB 30 million and covering an area of more than 150 acres, the enterprise is currently a large scale manufacturer of garden tools in China.

The main products of the company are: lawn mower, hedge mower, irrigation cutter, chainsaw and other medium and high-end products. The company has five major production and assembly lines with advanced equipment and high degree of automation.

The company is located in Hefei Cir......

2023-03-24 How to Save Money on Lawn Mower Purchases and Maintenance Without Sacrificing Quality

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is important for both curb appeal and property value. However, the cost of lawn mower purchases and maintenance can add up quickly. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on lawn mowers and ma...



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